Hillside Festival

Friday July 13 to Sunday July 15

Guelph Lake

Guelph Lake Island
7743 Conservation Dr

Guelph ON N1H 6J1
+1 519 763-6396
July 13-15

Hillside is turning 35 this year so we'll be singing our hearts out at this year's summer festival as we present to you an eclectic array of fantastic performers from well-seasoned professionals to passionate newcomers. Fresh to Hillside or fresh to the stage, they will conjure you, body and mind, into that music-reveling space that is Hillside. So live high on the food of love this July 14th to 16th on the grassy expanses of Guelph Lake Island where “one of the world’s most culturally enriching events” (CBC Radio 3) embraces art, environmentalism, peacemaking and pure joy to fill you with sunlight for the rest of the summer.

Hillside Festival