Rivers Edge Goat Dairy

Got goat?

8102 Wellington Road #109
Arthur ON N0G 1A0
+1 888 209-7330
Wednesday to Saturday: Noon - 6:00pm

Do you know how many products you can get from a goat? Milk, cheese, yogurt and soap are produced every day here at Rivers Edge Goat Diary, an award-winning farm. Goat meat, a tasty and nutritious source of protein, is also produced here. Sweet, fresh-tasting goat’s milk is used to make butter which goes into the dairy’s delicious goat milk butter tarts. Goat milk soap is gentle enough for all skin types, including young children and those with allergies.

This award winning dairy goat farm produces cheeses, milk, yogurt, goat milk soaps and creams daily. The goat meat is delicious too! At the Guelph Farmers' Market every Saturday morning or come visit the farm store in Arthur! While in Wellington North, take a tour on the Butter Tart Trail

Rivers Edge Goat Dairy