Market Square

1 Carden Street
Guelph ON N1H 3A1
+1 519 822-1260

Guelph's Market Square is a modern interpretation of the City's original downtown Market Place district. In the 1800's the space surrounding Guelph's original City Hall building at 59 Carden Street served as Guelph's central meeting place and market area.

The beautiful new Market Square is a contemporary version of the original, and is ideal for hosting festivals, concerts, community events and civic celebrations. The scenic spot is also the perfect place for meeting up with friends, going shopping or sitting, relaxing, and doing nothing at all.

The central feature is an outdoor skating rink and water feature surrounded by stone benches which are shaded by native trees and plants. Decorative lighting throughout the square makes it an enjoyable space day or night.

The stunning oval-shaped glass pavilion building just east of the skating rink and water feature is a great place to take a break or watch the action on the ice.

The outdoor skating rink

  • Skate between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m., seven days a week, all winter long.
  • The oval skating rink measures 790 square metres (8,500 square feet).
  • An ice resurfacing machine maintains the artificial surface.

The interactive water feature

  • Stroll through or splash in the fountain.
  • The oval reflecting pool is about two inches deep.
  • Seven programmable jets create stunning visual displays.
  • The fountain is most active during the day, slows in the evening and off overnight.
  • Water is filtered, re-circulated and treated and to meet pool standards.


  • Warm up inside the stunning oval-shaped glass pavilion building.
  • See the names of community members who contributed to the skating rink/water feature.
  • The pavilion measures about 457 square metres (1500 square feet) and houses lockers, seating, a drinking fountain, public washrooms and storage for the ice resurfacing machine.
  • The mechanical room and controls for the skating rink/water feature are located in the basement of the building.


  • Use benches, bistro tables and chairs to sit and watch the action, take a break or gather with friends.
  • Nine curved stone benches are nestled among native plants and trees throughout the square.
  • In recognition of the Nicholas Lambden Children's foundation's contribution to the skating rink/water feature, the dedication "for the children of Guelph" is etched into the large, curved stone bench in the south end of the square.
Market Square