Starkey Hill Trail

Guelph Hiking Trail Club

735 Arkell Rd
Puslinch ON

As you hike this trail, you will see steep forested slopes, wetlands and many other features that make this a beautiful and environmentally important place. Numbered markers along the path will help you enjoy the highlights of the trail. Click here to view the map. The property has a beautiful hardwood forest, and a large percentage of the area is pine plantation. Regeneration within the pines is slowly taking place and new growth is beginning to become evident. While on the high parts of the trail take a moment to enjoy the views and the landscape before you. The geological history of the Starkey property is an excellent example of the area's moraines and kettle depressions that are remnants of the ice age that swept this area 10,000 years ago. While walking the property take a moment to think of what it was like when the Starkey family first arrived in 1849.

A popular spot on weekends - great for kids. Well maintained and now, bonus, a parking lot.


This trail is maintained by the GRCA and The Guelph Trail Hiking Club.

Starkey Hill Trail