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#100Days of 150 Things To Do in Guelph

By John Borthwik @jborthwik

Over this past summer I had the immense privilege of being able to take some intentional time off from what usually takes the majority to my attention. It turned into something that I referred to on Twitter as #100Days since that is exactly how many days I had away from the usual demands of my role. As the minister of St. Andrew’s Guelph (one of our city’s oldest congregations – and one of the iconic Old Stone Churches that stand out in our downtown), not needing to respond to crisis after crisis, go to meetings and unplug from the regular routine of Sunday mornings was a true gift. I was grateful for this unique opportunity – and one that so many others rarely, if ever, would be able to receive or take advantage of.  Gratitude was one of the major themes that became my #100Days.

Now resources were not abundant. This was not one of those sabbaticals that would see me living abroad or travelling the world for months. No, if these #100Days were going to be filled and lived to the fullest… they were going to need to be local! It was all up to you, GUELPH!

And boy, did you exceed my expectations!  Thanks in part to Visit Guelph’s “Visit Guelph Guide” and most especially, “150 Things To Do in Guelph in 2017”.  This became my “bible” (no disrespect).

As I scanned its sesquicentennial numerology I was struck by the many things to do that I’d never experienced since moving to Guelph 14 years ago.  How could I not be aware of this thing or that one?  How is it possible that I never new this trail or this unique place existed until now? Now I had my path forward… and Guelph was my adventure… and oh the adventures I had.

It’s true – staycations are real… Guelph has so much to offer whether you want to relax or savour its many great tastes. It has opportunities to tantalize those who crave the rush of adrenaline and so many serene oases for those who seek tranquility. My #100Days were well spent in our Royal City!  And the good news is… that there is still so much more I need to check out – and off, on the 150 Things To Do list… Happy Adventures, Guelph.


The Rev. John Borthwick is the minister of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Guelph and serves as the volunteer Chaplain with Guelph Police Service.  You can follow his adventures in the Royal City and beyond on Twitter @jborthwik.

royal city park
A beverage by the river at Royal City Park
Finally, after 14 years in Guelph, my son and I made the trip to the “Timeless Classic” Rocky’s. #132 on Things To Do in Guelph.
Starkey Hill
My own personal Everest one morning… Starkey Hill! #67 on 150 Things To Do
royal recreational
#100Days one step at a time. Hit Royal Recreation Trails and checked off #20 of Things To Do.
#4 and #73 of Things to Do. The Basilica of our Lady Immaculate. Number of steps up to it by my count was 106. You should try it for yourself.
John McCrae
One of the #StationaryCrew – Lt. Col. John McCrae’s statue on “Catholic Hill” looking fondly in the direction of St. Andrew’s Guelph. #3 on Things to Do. Bonus Fact: I formally dedicated this statue in a special ceremony in the presence of the Governor General – Surprise Bucket List moment.
Stick a pin in this one. #12 of 150 Things To Do – Art Gallery of Guelph.
20 things to do in Guelph
Oh my friends, there are more than 20 things to do… #22 on 150 Things To Do in Guelph – Guelph Civic Museum’s Fourth Friday evenings.
Not to be missed – more #StationaryCrew. Gryphon at the entrance to the University of Guelph. Begging Bear likes to be visited too – he’s just up the street from Gryphon. #3 on 150 Things To Do.
Making Box
Attended the Grand Opening of The Making Box at their new Cork Street location. And that happened to be #52 of 150 Things To Do in Guelph. Laughs abound!
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