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Whether taking a step back in time, or a step into the future, Doors Open Guelph opens the doors of some of the Royal City’s most interesting places and buildings. On April 25, from 10am-4pm, Guelph kicks off Ontario’s season of free Doors Open events*. Explore inside buildings often closed to the public or learn more about ones you may have thought you knew.

This year, Doors Open Ontario has centered the 2020 season around the theme of the environment. Guelph has become a hub for sustainability, active living, and creative engineering, making for many innovative locations for this year’s event.

It also makes us consider, how to best be a green traveller? As we list the three main sectors of this year’s Doors Open locations, we also have some helpful tips on touring as an eco-tourist.

*If we’re being technical, the party starts the night before on April 24th at the Guelph Civic Museum for Doors Open After Dark. Celebrate the city’s 193rd birthday with performances of all kinds from 5pm-1am.

Zone A – College Hill

  • The Gryphon Football Pavilion, 15 Lang Way, University of Guelph
  • The President’s House, 100 College Ave E, University of Guelph
  • Campus Co-op Commons, 1 Hales Crescent (Borden St. Entrance) across from the Ontario Veterinary College

Whether you’re coming from downtown or the south end, the University of Guelph is accessible via Guelph Transit Route 99. Each of these three locations are within a 10 minute walk from each other amongst the beautiful grounds of the university.

Environmental Feature: The Campus Co-op Commons fights climate change with a passive solar design, rainwater collection and a “living roof”. Working with eMERGE Guelph this showcases excellent energy and water conservation.

Grab a bite:

  • On campus: Creelman Hall
  • Bring a lunch and eat outside
  • walk up the block to Earth to Table: Bread Bar

Zone B – South End

  • Hammond Radio Museum, 595 Southgate Drive
  • Sleeman Breweries Inc, 551 Clair Road W

Continue on Route 99 and hop over to the 16 for the two highlighted spots in the South end. Bring your bike to cycle between locations or continue on the bus.

Environmental Feature: Sleeman Breweries has deep roots in Guelph, but the company continues to innovate with modern and sustainable brewing practices.

Grab a bite:

  • Borealis Grille & Bar

Zone C – Downtown

  • The Junction, 5-7-9 Edinburgh Rd S
  • Hope House and Lakeside Downtown, 75 Norfolk St
  • The Bell Kennedy House, 193 Woolwich St
  • Bisson Dentistry, 199 Woolwich St

Bring your bike and cycle through the old town feel of Guelph’s downtown out to The Junction. Less than 10 minute bike trips between these locations, you’ll be able travel with ease

Environmental Feature: The Junction is a story in restoration and revitalization where the former CN Rail warehouse has been transformed to showcase Granite Homes. The buildings reflect the railway heritage while housing innovative co-working spaces, Home Group Reality and Abe Erb Brewing Company.

Go for a guided walk of The Rectory and Catholic Hill at 28 Norfolk St.

Grab a bite:

  • Park Grocery
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