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Guelph ablaze in red, yellow and gold

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Before our city (and frankly, most of Ontario) turns into a dreary, TV screen overcome with garbled black and white static, we need to soak in the (short-lived) psychedelic-coloured season that is bursting right before our eyes.


Autumn is the time of the year for reds and yellows (and the oranges that come from mixing the two). With Guelph being perfectly surrounded by acres and acres of agricultural land, and bordering the Greenbelt, it is a hub of trails and parks and a picture-perfect spot for nature-lovers.  Visiting Guelph in October is an idyllic time to immerse yourself outdoors.  We can guarantee that whether you’re visiting the Royal City itself, or just cruisin’ around it, you’ll be promised sights dazzled in rich crimsons, maroons, butterscotches, mustards and Pantone colour code PMS 123… that is the official Guelph Gryphon’s yellow, just so you know!  Well, Pantone 871 if you want to the gold version.

We invite you to bundle up (in your red and yellow garb) and explore this city in a manner that maybe you haven’t done before.  Have you ever tried visiting a city with a colour palette in mind?


Leave the comforts of the warmth, and get out and explore the fresh, crisp, cool, neck-tingling outdoors. Visit Guelph with a different set of rose-coloured glasses.  And hey, come back to one of our Guelph staples and warm up after a day of exploring with possibly a golden, full-bodied, good-to-the-bone pint of amber ale at one of our affectionate pubs or breweries.

Here are four red and yellow themed, autumn-awesome, fall-friendly Guelph things to do:

Canada’s oldest antique market


The Aberfoyle Antique Market promises a day of walking that will make you want to put your feet up (maybe on a vintage pouf you buy there).  Not only do we promise red and yellow colours to surround you, but you will find all sorts of antique pieces that promise a primary colour pallet sure to spice up your living space.  At the Aberfoyle Antique Market, with 150+ vendors, you are sure to find a little token, maybe even a vintage, red dress for an upcoming, Christmas event.  (Yes!  The holiday season IS coming.)

Go #Gryphons go!


Football and autumn are synonymous with each other.  Think cheering fans, filled-to-the-brim bleachers, tail-gates and BBQs.  The Gryphons get extra brownie points for matching with the scenery.  You could say our uniforms are the perfect accessory for the outdoor canvass of fall colours.  But really, fashion statements aside, a football game needs to get crossed off your “fall to do” list.  Check out a game.  Cheer on our team.  I mean, they are rated within the top ten in the nation by U SPORTS as a top university team.  You can’t mess with stats!

Guelph Lake and its beauty


This city is perfectly nestled in a pocket of nature.  Any way you drive out of the city, you will be hit with rows of either plush fields or sky-reaching trees.  And right now those fields are glowing in hues of cornhusk, caramel, honey, and dandelion and the trees are morphing every few days, transforming right before us, like a magic trick.  Catch them in the act, before they’re bare.  Sure, you can stay in the city and take in the dozens and dozens of trails.  Alternatively, and we highly suggest, to the city’s north, you will find Guelph Lake, a 1600 hectare park lined up for your walking delight with 5 kilometres of trails ablaze in fall’s dazzling technicolour performance.

Road stops filled with veggie huts


And if we’re taking you out of the city’s core, we cannot suggest a more fall experience than stopping at the many road stops, veggies huts and sporadic markets that are peppered along country roads, side streets and under big maple trees waiting for you to slow down, sit down, and bite down into something red or yellow, and very delicious!

Lose the map.  Let the shades of fall spearhead this colour-coded #Guelphie experience.

For more autumn events happening in Guelph check out our Fall / Winter Visit Guelph Guide or online Events Calendar

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