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6 Makers who call Guelph home // #GuelphMakers

What is it about Guelph that inspires makers? Is it the landmarks, the landscape, the people, or a combination of all of three plus a little bit of something else?

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of Culture Days, we set out to explore those Guelphites who are inspired by our city to create and contribute to the Guelph identity.

Gary Diggins – Silence

Gary Diggins from Silence starts the conversation for our #GuelphMakers video series. ” “I’m grateful, now being a member of the Guelph community, to riff off this theme of making. By feeling the support from the community to make a space. People can make trouble, make a lot of noise – but we’ve made a space here in which the spirit of improvisational sound and music-making has found a home.”

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Maninder Kaur

Finding connections in community. Maninder Kaur is a co-owner of Tangy & Tasty Restaurant but also creates mugs and steins for Brothers Brewing Company, available in Guelph’s downtown!

Symon and Nicole – Killer Cupcakes

Symon and Nicole have made their passion for ‘goremet’ baking into a destination spot in Downtown Guelph for any foodie with a sweet tooth.

Tuckamore Honey

From farm to table, Alison and the team at Tuckamore Honey show the process of making local honey that can be found seasonally at the Guelph Farmers’ Market!

Alisa McRonald

Shaping the fibres of community. With her whimsical and quirky creations, fibre artist Alisa McRonald brings her art to life in Necessary Arts Company‘s shared studio space in Downtown Guelph.

Bunny Safari

Everyone has a story. With her signature Guelph map mugs, Bunny Safari shares how Guelph impacts her work as a maker. “My favourite part of living in Guelph has got to be the community. It’s the people.  It’s the rivers, it’s the environment, it’s the music festivals, the art festivals, the film festivals. We’re such a creative community, I’m so lucky to be here.”

Bonus: Read the full conversation with Bunny Safari

Thank you to Ward 1 Studios for supporting Guelph’s makers with their contributions to this project!

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