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A Love Letter from Visit Guelph

Header image: @picturesquevic

“There’s something about Guelph…” it’s a phrase we hear often from visitors and locals when we ask what brought them to the Royal City. They drift off, at a loss for words because there is really more of an atmosphere here that’s hard to describe. We agree, but let’s give it a try.

Long before present-day Guelph, this land has been a gathering place for thousands of years. At the meeting of two rivers, this land remains the ancestral homelands of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation of the Anishnaabek peoples. Where rivers meet and people gather, this place has always been about connection.

Today, Guelph’s identity is woven by the people who have come together to create and inspire:

It’s the volunteers at Hillside Festival,
the families who’ve opened up restaurants with their signature recipes,
the musicians busking on the street.

It’s the artists whose pieces are souvenirs in homes around the world,
the athletes who make us proud (and OHL champions by the way…),
the students who choose the University of Guelph as their new home away from home.

It’s the performers who make us laugh and cry,
the adventurers exploring the trails and waterways,
the historians preserving our past for the future.

And it’s you. The visitors who come to our city and take part in our culture and maybe tell a friend, or share your visit, or make the decision to become a permanent visitor as a new Guelphite, yourself.

As a tourism entity, our entire focus is about bringing people together and showcasing Guelph as a destination you’ll want visit, stay and play. We are proud of the Guelphites who make our city a welcoming community for arts, culture and recreation.

But right now, we know that it is not the time to ask you to come visit us. So, we want to come to you. We want to bring you Guelph experiences in unique ways while ensuring the safety and health of our community and yours.

We want to thank you and all the people who make it a joy for us to share Guelph’s story.

And so, we invite you to come along on this new uncharted journey with us. Over the next few weeks, we will share ways you can support the small businesses, artists and events that make up the fibers of Guelph’s woven identity. It’s time to pay it forward – consider sharing, donating and providing words of support. While we can’t gather together in person, right now, let’s continue Guelph’s long-standing notion of connection in this new digital era.

Whether you’re dreaming of visiting Guelph for the first time, or rediscovering how to explore Guelph locally, we’re here to help.

Yours in tourism,

Visit Guelph

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