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Guelph prides itself as a green city, with initiatives to create a smart city community and developing sustainable green spaces . Touring Guelph as a green traveller is easier than you may think! Jessica from @project_easy_living has some tips on how to best discover Guelph while reducing your carbon footprint!

Getting from A to B doesn’t need to be a burden on the planet. With an abundance to see (and eat!) in Guelph, tread lightly with public transit, and trust me when I say that the City of Guelph Transit Route 99 mainline takes you from farm to table, literally. This route is a full-circle service and will cut you through downtown (a stop that needs its own day).


At the north end of the route you’ll find the Ignatius Jesuit Centre and Farm and its 15 kilometers of trails to walk, hike, snowshoe, and ski. Of course, no visit to Guelph is complete without a visit to Riverside Park that sits along the banks of the Speed River, coming together to form a naturalized landscape.


Riding southbound, stop at the Guelph Civic Museum to learn about our city’s history and reshaping the founding story of Guelph and the Indigenous people of this area. A few bus stops away, is your mid-day resting spot at Earth to Table: Bread Bar, an eatery that offers a seasonal, hand-crafted menu.


Continue your travels to the University of Guelph’s Arboretum and get lost for hours in a flora and fauna fantasy!


With 400 acres of room to roam, you’ll be famished after. Hop back on the 99 to visit Borealis Grille and Bar, where the planet is a top priority and customers are encouraged to think globally and eat and drink locally. Sustainability and local craftsmanship is worth raising a glass to, so do it with their locally-sourced beers and wines.


Did you know Guelph is one of the largest Canadian cities to rely almost exclusively on groundwater for its drinking water supply? Refill your bottle for free anywhere you see a BlueW logo. Come packed with your reusable bottles, straws and vessels as many places offer BYO discounts. Forgot to pack yours? Hit up Molloy’s on historic Carden Street in Downtown Guelph for plenty of low/no waste products.


Don’t be green with envy. Be a green traveller.

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