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Showing up to class wearing the same outfit as another classmate. A first year’s nightmare.  Don’t scream, Visit Guelph has the solution. THRIFTING.

Thrift shopping or also known as ‘thrifting’ is not for everyone. However, once you reach the ultimate thrill of finding that perfect dress with tags, you’ll be hooked!  With so many different types of consignment, second hand, antique and thrift shops in our city, it is hard not to love it!

In the latest edition of the Visit Guelph Guide, we collaborated with some of Guelph’s best

Page 12-13_BirdsPapaya
@TheBirdsPapaya at Wild Rose Consignment Store

thrifter’s. Follow Sarah from The Birds Papaya on her thrifting journey and learn about her fav locations and some of her tricks to finding the special find.

We also chatted with The Muse and I –an online, unisex shop selling hand-selected vintage, recycled and custom apparel. The Muse and I uses re-purposed fabrics and threads to reduce the amount of waste sent to our landfills.

Shelly, from the Muse and I, share’s her top Thrifty Tips.  Keep these tips handy when you pick up a copy of the Visit Guelph Guide.

Tip 1: Touch every item on the rack. This allows you to know exactly what inventory the store has. This can be helpful in the future, if you only have time for a quick scan of the racks.

Tip 2: Try it on. If something doesn’t fit, don’t buy it. Fill your closet with items you will wear today! This will keep you from experiencing buyers remorse.

Tip 3: Visualize. Thrift and consignment stores aren’t always laid out to tell you what to buy. You can give new life to something if you can see its potential to be style in a different way or paired with something you own already.

Tip 4: Shop once or twice a week. Once you become familiar with your favourite shops you’ll know what you saw last time and new pieces will be easier to spot.

Tip 5: Don’t give up. With thrift shopping there is always new stock going out every day.


The Visit Guelph team wants to welcome all the new and returning students who will be busy with Move In weekend happening this Saturday and Sunday. The Visit Guelph guide is full of other great tips and tricks on exploring the gems of Guelph and we have a great calendar to check out some of our incredible events and festivals.

Wondering where you can grab one of the VG_II_Covernew Visit Guelph Guides?
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City Hall
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And hotel lobbies

Or you can simply ask us to send one to you filling out the order form on our website! http://visitguelphwellington.ca/information/visiting

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