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Virtual Discovery of the University of Guelph

As much of the world stands still, the grounds at the University of Guelph are a little quieter, missing the day to day activity of students bustling between classes, lounging on the Johnson Green or camping out to make their mark on The Cannon.

This isn’t to say that the university has halted operations. The school is funding research on COVID-19, 3-D printers are being used to create face masks, Hospitality services are aiding in food security, and students have even created a collection of poems and written works reflecting on the current crisis.

Great minds with great hearts, the University is a destination for prospective students, alumni and visitors passing through Guelph. While we can’t visit in person right now, we’ve come up with some ways you can experience #GryphonPride at home.

University of Guelph Historic Tour

Any alumnus of the University of Guelph has walked the grounds thousands of times, but may not have had the chance to stop and learn about the buildings and landmarks that make this university so iconic. Check out the virtual companion booklet on UofG’s website.

To learn more about the buildings and points of interest, check out the interactive campus map.

The Arboretum

Down the road from the main campus, the University of Guelph Arboretum is home to 400 acres of plant collections, gardens, walking trails, woodlands, wetlands and meadows. The grounds are currently CLOSED but the arboretum’s education portals are available online.

Get a lay of the land and explore points of interest, natural areas, dedication trees and more facts with this virtual map https://guelph.arboretumexplorer.org/asset.aspx?

For a more immersive experience, the Arboretum has started a weekly video series touring through topics of interest along the trails. As spring rolls around, the grounds are waking up, making it an exciting time to learn about the plants and animals that are coming to life. Be sure to check out the Arboretum’s YouTube channel for these nature walks.

“A museum for trees” Naturalist Interns, Jenny and Kitty, kick off the series with an introduction to what an arboretum is and animal signs along the trails.

Get the kids involved! Check out this drawing activity where you can learn to identify oak leaves and make a beautiful piece of art in the process!


The Art Gallery of Guelph

As we mentioned in our arts and culture post, the AGG is bringing their space online for #MuseumatHome. Check out ways you can explore the gallery, the sculpture park and activities to do at home!


I Spy…

Want to explore more of the campus grounds? Play around with these Google 360 views and see where it takes you!

Can you find these features in your 360 image explorations?

  • The Begging Bear
  • Red & yellow benches
  • A Mountie and a Moose
  • Bicycles
  • Beaver sculpture
  • Painting of a matador

Google 360 Views:

Johnston Green | Conservatory Gardens (Exterior) | Conservatory Gardens (Interior) |College Royal Horticultural Display (2019) | Reek Walk Path | The Art Gallery of Guelph (Exterior) | AGG (Interior – 2017 Exhibition) | AGG Sculpture Park | Reynolds Building | MacKinnon Green |Alumni Stadium Patio View | The Bullring Pub| The Arboretum | The Arboretum – Pond and Garden |

Culinary Delights on Campus

The chefs at the University of Guelph have been serving up the best food in the country for over a decade and even recently was awarded the #1 food service by a Canadian University by Macleans Magazine.

Follow along as Mark Kenny, @100milemark, takes you on a culinary tour, in our 2019 Visit Guelph Guide.

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