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Virtual Guelph: The Show must go On…Line

You’ve probably seen artists and musicians from all over the world taking their concerts to Instagram or artist ‘meet ups’ and challenges. The Toronto-based Social Distancing Festival features livestreams and concerts from around the globe, culture is thriving in this digital time! Guelph’s bustling artist community has also been taking advantage of the digital opportunities to share their work and inspire others to create themselves!

If you already have a favourite Guelph artist or musician, hit ‘em up and share some love with them! Gain Music is presenting their StayHome Festival with livestreams from Guelph musicians.

If you’re looking to discover more of Guelph’s art scene, follow groups like the Guelph Arts Council on social media. They’re sharing all sorts of cool cultural initiatives for creatives during this time.

Be sure to check these spots regularly as more content is being added every day!

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