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Women are leading the way in Woolwich Village

Guelph’s greater identity is made up entirely of the smaller communities who support each other and band together to lift each other up. It is always exciting to hear of a new partnership between businesses to create unique experiences for customers and visitors.  We are eager to highlight one of Guelph’s newest – yet wonderfully familiar – partnership of businesses, the Woolwich Village.

Woolwich Village is a collaboration of shops you know and love and new experiences to discover. Many of these businesses are led by women entrepreneurs as business owners, managers and champions of their industry. Here are a few of the fearless female business owners, their businesses and what advice they would give other women entrepreneurs taking those first steps.

Anna Kaye Hair Studio – Nikaelia, Salon Owner & Stylist

7 Suffolk St E, Guelph ON, N1H 2H7

Anna Kaye Hair Studio is a boutique salon specializing in textured hair and serving all hair types. In operation for over four years, with a diverse and inclusive clientele, no hair is too curly, no hair is too straight. Anna Kaye Hair Studio is here to help you reach your healthy hair goals.

Nikaelia’s advice for other women entrepreneurs: Be your number one cheerleader and encourager. The most debilitating limitations are the ones we put on ourselves. Have a “no limitations” mindset. Every challenge has a solution!

annakayehairstudio.com | @annakayehairstudio

Baker Street Station – Lorraine, General Manager

76 Baker Street, Guelph, ON

A unique pub experience in Guelph, The Baker Street Station is proud to offer its patrons the finest food and drink in a thoroughly modern yet surprisingly traditional atmosphere. Where every dining experience reflects a dedication to the rich tradition of English public houses past while at the same time giving guests something new, fresh and inspired.

Lorraine’s advice for women entrepreneurs:

Don’t let anyone else stand in the way of your ambition

bakerstreetstation.ca | @bakerststation

Blooms + Flora and Sunday General Store – Robyn, Store Owner & Florist

Blooms + Flora: 182 Woolwich St, Guelph
Sunday General Store: 11C Suffolk Street East, Guelph

Blooms + Flora is a florist and botanical gift shop with unique and seasonal offerings. From bespoke floral designs to a large selection of houseplants, gift items and more. They have everything you need to bring some green to your home.

Blooms + Flora has been in operation for nine years, but that hasn’t stopped Robyn from expanding to another new business venture! Sunday General Store is a fresh four months old.

Sunday General Store is the destination of your lazy Sunday morning drive or stroll Downtown. It is the comfortable feeling of gathering with friends and family while drinking coffee and browsing through your favourite things.

Robbyn’s advice for other women entrepreneurs: If I could give advice for being an entrepreneur, it would be to trust your decisions. Only YOU truly know your business and your vision. You know when it’s right to grow, to take a leap, and ultimately when you’ve made a mistake. Learn from those mistakes and keep getting back up – keep reinventing.
Surround yourself with leaders and people that build you up but also keep you accountable. Build an inclusive community that supports one-other. I am only able to do what I love every day because of the community that has supported me every step of the way. Give back to them.

bloomsandflora.com | @bloomsandflora
sundaygeneral.com | @sundaygeneralstore

Blue Iris Studios – Iris, Potter & Studio Owner

179 Woolwich St, Guelph, ON

Iris makes a full line of contemporary tableware including dinnerware place settings, with a  minimalist design aesthetic to complement any decor. She can often be seen making the pottery in the studio space that is open to the up front showroom.

Iris’ advice to women entrepreneurs: Whether you are a woman or not, if you find yourself counting the years to retirement, maybe you should consider shifting to something you never want to retire from doing. That’s what I did and it was the best decision ever!

blueirisstudios.ca | @blueirisguelph

Millennium Clothing Company – Robyn & Lynn, Store Owners

90 Yarmouth Street, Guelph, ON

Celebrating 25 years in business this June, Millennium Clothing Company, is a welcoming clothing boutique with an emphasis on customer service/working with their clientele, catering primarily to women although some menswear is available. Newly re-located to Yarmouth St, the boutique carries brands such as Michael Kors, Sanctuary, Esprit and Desigual. Robyn and Lynn pride themselves on their customer service and they love their loyal customers – and all the new ones they are meeting in the new neighbourhood! 

Their advice for women entrepreneurs:

Robyn: Sort your home life so you can focus at work.  Delegate, and work hard.
Lynn: Women are natural care-givers and multi taskers, both great qualities to have when running your own business. I think we tend to work too hard sometimes and need to learn to take some down time to focus on family and friends. Finding a balance between work and fun is a talent we need to explore and define.


Modern Addiction Tattoos – Jennifer, Owner

169-A Woolwich Street Guelph, ON N1H 3V4

Offering high quality tattoos, in a safe, clean and inclusive environment, the tattoo experience is just as important to every tattoo artist at Modern Addiction, as the final product.

In operation for seven years, they have a wide variety of artists, who specialize in different styles and are always excited to bring tattoo dreams to reality.

Modern Addiction Tattoos pride themselves in being a part of the Guelph community, and strive to give back to causes that are in need of their assistance. Their goal is to be recognized as a pillar in the downtown core, not only in the tattoo industry, but within the beautiful city of Guelph.

Jennifer’s advice for other women entrepreneurs: Hustle until you no longer have to introduce yourself.


OUTPOST Vintage + Thrift – Carolyn, Owner

15 Woolwich Street, Guelph, ON

Outpost has handpicked vintage and thrifted clothing for all earthlings. Operating for just over six years, the shop is like stepping into your best buds closet. With a mix of vintage and thrifted pieces, everything is handpicked to taste, with an emphasis on fun colours, bold patterns and good quality fabrics, focusing on the everyday classics, but sprinkle in some unique gems.  

Carolyn’s advice for women entrepreneurs: Regardless of your gender be confident in your decisions and make sure you are staying true to yourself.

outpostvintage.com | @outpost_vintage

SpaWellness by Tamara – Tamara, Owner, Esthetician and Holistic Practitioner

23 Suffolk St East, Guelph

In walking the path to wellness, the top priority at SpaWellness is creating a relaxing atmosphere where you feel at home. Tamara has been operating SpaWellness for 8 years with the goal to build trusting relationships with each customer to make your experience one of a kind. Featuring holistic services, facials and esthetic services, whether it’s your first visit or 100th, the quality of service will always be the highest of standards each and every time.

Tamara’s advice for women entrepreneurs: Always remember you can, achieve your dreams and goals!!!

spawellnessbytamara.com | @spawellnessbytamara

The Wooly Pub – Katherine, General Manager

176 Woolwich Street, Guelph, ON

Serving Guelph for 30 years, The Wooly is an institution. The place where you celebrate, commiserate, where you end chapters but also start new ones. It’s your home away from home and a pub with a conscious. The Wooly staff believe in serving the best of locally sourced ingredients and using their platform to enhance the greater community.

Katherine’s Advice for other women entrepreneurs: Sometimes creativity can seem a little hectic and that’s okay. Great ideas can come in abundance or sometimes nothing for a while. Focus and don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. However you get there is a process you will figure out as you go.

thewoolypub.ca | @thewoolypub

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